• For Teachers & Students
    In Realtime
    Engage your students
    React quickly to poor comprehension
    Refine Course Content
    Socially connect with others
    Teach and communicate more effectively
  • Real Time Polling
    Send questions to all students
    get immediate results whenever you want
    and questions are stored for future access.
  • Student Questions
    Students can ask questions
    whenever they think of them.
  • End of Class Ratings
    At end of class students can
    provide their overall reaction to the class.
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Engage students by asking questions, allow them to give real time feedback on your lesson and allow them to rate classes to enhance your teaching ability.


Understand your students and see when and where they lost understanding and react quickly before poor results on future testing material.


Find out exactly where you lost students and pinpoint which slides or course material led them astray. Understand different learning techniques and effectively utilize them better.


Allow your students to socially connect with each other and allow peer to peer learning as well as class discussions to occur during class.

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